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Monday, June 11, 2012

lemons & blueberries

lemons and blueberries are two of my favorite things. ever. i only discovered this fact in the last couple of years, really, and i am trying to make up for lost time. the more i learn about them, the more i adore them, and now i am going to share with you why you should love them, too, if you don't already love the taste.

I keep reading different things about the warmth of water you should have before adding the juice. I've read articles that specifically say the water must be warm and nothing more, some articles say the water should be as hot as you can tolerate, and still others mention nothing about temperature at all. Certainly most of these benefits will not be null or void simply because of temperature, but I think I will vary the temperature throughout the day to help make sure I am getting all the benefits. here they are:
1. Wakes you up. A lot of people claim drinking it in the morning kicks the coffee habit. I as of yet have no desire to kick that habit, but it does definitely help wake me up in the AM. 
2. Boosts immune system. High in vitamin C. Also helps with antibodies which fight infection.
3. Balances pH. Apparently your pH levels have a lot to do with your body's susceptibility to disease, even cancer. It's also going to help with your acid levels.
4. Helps with weight loss. Lemons have pectin fiber, which apparently help fight cravings. I need to research what other foods have this fiber. I have really been struggling with a lot of hunger recently. 
5. Aids digestion, especially your liver. This concerns me most because efficient digestion limits heartburn, which I get a lot. 
6. Gets rid of toxins. It's a diuretic, so you are going to, well, go more often, but that helps purify your body!
7. Clears skin. I had no idea, but vitamin C helps with wrinkles and blemishes. Also, since lemon juice gets rid of toxins, it helps clear bacteria from yo face.
8. Cleans your mouth. Helps with breath, plaque, toothaches, and gingivitis. It can also affect your enamel, though, so be careful. 
9. Relieves respiratory problems. Phlegm is reduced by lemon juice. It apparently helps asthma and allergies, too. 
10. High in potassium. Potassium apparently aids in a lot of things, but the things that really caught my attention were brain/nervous system health as well as heart health. It lowers blood pressure and helps with anxiety. Potassium also helps with dizziness and nausea. Who knew?
11. Dilutes uric acid. This acid has to do with arthritic pain. 
12. Stops internal bleeding. Have a nose bleed? Stick some juice on a cotton ball.  (Note: I only read these facts; I have not tried them.)
13. Relieve burns. Apply juice to a burn. (Note: Again, I only read this; I have not tried it.)
14. Hydrates lymph system. Drinking lemon water in the morning helps keep you from dehydration and adrenal fatigue. All of this affects stress, digestion, and energy (among a million other things).
15. Tastes so good! I have found that I am much more likely to drink water if it has lemon juice in it, especially at meals 

Now I began really getting into blueberries for two reasons: the whole superfood trend and their taste. I have fallen in love. (Have I mentioned I love lemons and blueberries?) I have read a good bit about lemon juice, but I have yet to really read that much about blueberries, so I am here learning with you as I write. Let the research begin! I think with blueberries there are aspects of their benefits that you can get from just juice alone, but, as with pretty much all fruits/veggies, there are some benefits that require you eating the whole thing.
1. Fiber. Fiber helps digestion and reduces risk of heart disease.
2. Vitamin C. I should just do a whole blog post on how awesome vitamin C is. 
3. Antioxidants. These little guys help protect your cells from damage. They also help protect from disease. Like vitamin C, antioxidants do a lot and probably deserve their own post. Apparently blueberries are packed with more antioxidants than any other fruit or veggie!
4. Brain health. Everywhere I'm reading, blueberries help yours brain A LOT, even helps keep you from things like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. I don't think that is actually conclusive, but blueberries help keep the brain really healthy. Research with animals showed an increase in motor skills. 
5. Protect vision. Blueberries boost lutein. I don't know what that is...but it helps your vision.
6. Prevent cancer. Yeah...I like that fact.
7. Heart health. I don't understand a lot of what I'm reading...but it's good for your heart. Even better than red wine. 
8. Gastrointestinal health. Who doesn't want help down there?
9. Catechins. Tonight is the first time I am hearing about these things. These guys activate fat-burners, especially in the abdomen.
10. Age well. Blueberries help with things like wrinkles and brain degeneration. 
11. Fight allergies. Apparently they can help with the development and/or severity of allergies. Thank you, please. 
12. Pain killer. Blueberries have salicylic acid which thins the blood, like aspirin does. 
13. Anti-inflammatory. Especially for the brain.
14. Dopamine. Blueberries help with your body's production of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter.
15. Taste awesome! Especially with lemons. 

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well...i spent way too long on this post when i should have been prepping for tomorrow, but hopefully this post will help me stay committed to two awesome superfoods as well as help educate the masses on these two great things, which i think go best together. but that's just me.
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