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Monday, September 28, 2009

get behind me santa

In one of my classes a while back (in fact, I wrote most of this blog back in September but never finished writing it until now), we had to discuss the negative and positive effects of teaching our children the myth of Santa Claus. First of all, I'm annoyed at my professor's presumptions that all people love the myth of Santa and that no one wants to surrender it, even if it's for the better of their children. Further, she laughed upon the idea of any child not believing in Santa. (Just so you know, I was one of those kids. Perhaps my parents were bad liars or I was just too cynical at birth, but I never believed a fat guy came down my chimney--the chimney I've never had.)

There was a lot of discussion and murmuring on both sides of the issue. Disturbingly, though, the only solid reasons people could give in favor of telling your children the myth of Santa was that they would be that one kid in the class who knew the truth, and they may tell other kids that they're believing a lie. Oh, what a travesty! There were no arguments for the benefits of telling them about Santa except that they may not be able to conform to the world at a young age.

All kidding aside, what are we learning by promoting Santa? If you are good you get presents and if you're bad you get coal. This Santa knows what you're doing at all times, knows when you cry and when you laugh, everything. What are we teaching our kids, really? That in order to receive gifts you must present yourself worthy? I would much rather my kids believe they received gifts because they are loved, not because they were "good" enough. No wonder we have a complex over whether or not God loves us. We have been taught since birth that only the "good" kids get shown love and the others get crap thrown at them. May it never be said that God treats His children that way. He loves beyond our disobedience. He is faithful beyond our unfaithfulness. Praise God for He is a good father, very unlike our Santa Claus.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bad decision

For my CRTW (Critical Reading, Thinking, & Writing) we were prompted to analyze our thinking through a bad decision using Nosich's fundamental elements of critical thinking. Here is my intro paragraph. I think it sums up well how this semester has started:

The clock reads 10:35 PM the night before the paper is due. The page holds a measly twenty-eight words, including the title and date, of course. The goal comes into view, yet the execution of the task at hand still becomes upset by text messages, slight thirst and developing eyestrain. Distractions, though, must at last lose their power to sway attentions, and all other priorities must wait until tomorrow to be addressed. Progress comes slowly, and everything within the writer groans, “How did it come to be like this? What on earth were you thinking?” Indeed, the writer contemplates the same question. There were many reasons for such a delay in writing, including but not limited to psychology tests, prior commitments and a praying mantis, but the single most influential factor has seemingly been a general lack of discipline in the midst of a hectic lifestyle. 
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Monday, September 7, 2009


it has officially begun. i am sitting in a starbucks so that i can focus on writing my paper, but i am, of course, not focusing on writing my paper. i guess i have learned some things, though: the paper is due wednesday not tomorrow.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009


This post may come as a surprise to you, or perhaps it will be no surprise at all. Over Christmas break, specifically December 16-30, I will be flying to Central India. Our team’s ministry there will be to the missionaries and their work, specifically assisting in the long-term relationships the missionaries have developed. Now what does that mean exactly? Some of our basic activities will be: leading Bible studies with kids in the orphanage and Bible students, playing games and having sessions with the kids, construction, painting, and attending church services and other cultural experiences. Basically, we are going there to love on the missionaries and help them as they’re working to love, support and liberate the people of India.

So, why India? Why now? Well, I’ve always felt drawn to the country of India. I think I first discovered this as a young child watching movies like A Little Princess—which I still watch now and find myself just as intrigued. As I’ve grown older the desire has grown deeper into my heart as I’ve learned about the people and their struggles, e.g. the oppression of the Dalit people, formally known as Untouchables, who are ostracized as an “inferior caste” and often denied wells for drinking water, electricity and education; women and children (often Dalit in caste) who are forced to prostitute their bodies as the only means of survival available to them. Jesus came to redeem our whole selves—our intellect, body, heart and soul to liberate us from the brokenness of this world. The Gospel calls us to not only concern ourselves with the eternal security of souls, but also the sanctity and dignity of life, which belongs to all people for we have all been created in the image of God. I see in the work of RUSA and Crossroads the desire to not just make converts but to liberate broken people through the redemption of Jesus, to the glory of God.

Am I called to full-time ministry in India? I have no idea. Do I think this trip is a good step in trying to figure that out? Absolutely. I’m hoping that you and your family will be able to partner with me in this work, prayerfully and financially. The total cost of the trip is about $3,400, including everything from airfare to translators to food. A non-refundable deposit of $1,500 is due September 15, with the remaining balance due November 15. Yes, that is a very short time frame in my brain, too. But God is more than sufficient in power and faithfulness to see this happen. Please prayerfully consider supporting me in finances and prayer.

Thank you so much for prayerfully considering partnering with me.

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