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Monday, June 11, 2012

healthy choices

well, here we go again. i want to be healthy. it's not all about losing weight, either; although, i would like for that to happen concurrently. it's not about starting a diet or some phenomenal 30-day challenge. the change needs to be sustainable and allow for new developments along the way. i want to start eating and living the way in which i want to teach my children to eat and live. it's really hard sometimes to keep out of the mentality of "well, is eating that going to help me lose weight?" when considering a new food or beverage to add into my routine. i'm so guilty of thinking about health only in terms of weight or in energy levels. i think i get super overwhelmed when i start trying to think beyond those two things and onto the ideas like bone support, heart health, cancer prevention, etc, and, therefore, i pretend that those things don't exist, like i'll just have to deal with those things when i'm older. my goal is to learn what my body needs long term for the upmost performance and health, not what i need to eat or not eat to gain, lose, or sustain weight. my hope is that i will learn things, blog them and then actually live them. so, without further ado, here we go.
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