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Monday, June 18, 2012

7:365, or checkpoint 1

day 7 of project 365
i have accomplished blogging everyday for one week. it really wasn't that difficult, but i don't foresee it continuing to be this easy. i have one more week at the arts camp i am currently teaching, then it will be back to greenville for the rest of the summer until we move to clemson in august. i will no longer be in a set routine/schedule, so this goal will rely on my self-discipline of committing to a routine/schedule. my self-discipline has never been that reliable in its consistency. what i have to remember is that i am capable of much more than i think i am capable of--this is true mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. for example, i am starting that oh so difficult process of getting into shape. there's a huge part of me that thinks that it is impossible for me to get into shape to run (and survive) a 5K. that doubt is based on my past experiences of never getting anywhere with working out. but i know intellectually that my body is capable--capable of even more than a 5K. my body is capable of waking up earlier than it wants to, functioning on fewer calories than it's used to, and performing more than it imagines possible. well, with that short almost-too-cliche-for-my-taste pep talk, i'm off.
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