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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the new routine, or being a morning person

day 2 of project 365
well, so far so good. we are two days in a row now. yesterday i mentioned this blogging being a part of a new daily routine. the word "daily" is a bit of a misnomer. yes, it's every day, but i've really only worked on the first 2 hours of the day. baby steps. the new routine is based on things i've read on blogs or in magazines, things i learned in movement classes as an actor (wow, that sounded pretentious. haha), or things i've come to find help me be a little bit more of a morning person. my biggest obstacle to being a morning person is the initial process of getting out of bed. ah! it's so hard! i have been known to hit the "snooze" for TWO HOURS. this is not a daily thing...but it happens. and unless i'm sick, i always feel worse for doing so. and yet, i still snooze. (why oh why?) the past two mornings i have woken up naturally at 6:30. buuuut i stayed in bed. oops. i find it difficult to get out of bed that early when i don't have to be at work until 9. the mistake i have made in the past when trying to become more of a morning person is waking up earlier but not having a routine or a task. if i get up, get ready and still have an hour to just read or something i will totally crash again. i have to have things to do in the morning that are varied. i really, really, want to become a morning person. my normal full-time job takes way too many hours from my day for me to not savor the mornings. alas, without further ado, here is a basic outline of the new routine. i'm sure it will be tweaked again and again, especially once school starts in august and i have a longer commute, but this seems to be working for now.
  • alarm goes off 1 hr and 45 min before i need to leave for work
  • if i feel groggy, snooze at most for 20 min
  • put in my earbuds, play some tunes, and isolate stretch--here's the best get to do this lying down. roll the ankles, bounce the knees, rotate the hips, rotate the shoulders, move the elbows, rotate the hands, stretch the face (big face with mouth and eyes open as big as possible, little face with everything squished up, and repeat). i go through this several times to help wake up the body.
  • sit up and stretch the legs/back muscles. you still get to be in bed for this. it's lovely, but you're totally waking up.
  • by this point, i'm feeling energized enough that standing up isn't painful or enraging--like it is most days. then i do some other stretches and really, really light exercises. well, exercise is a strong word. it's really more like a warm-up.
  • drink a glass of water.
  • (shower if i'm taking one in the morning that day)
  • eat an apple while i get dressed and put on make-up
  • drink a glass of warm lemon water. why? check out this post
  • check e-mail/facebook
  • read the Bible
  • blog
  • make a cup of coffee
  • pack lunch, if necessary
  • go to work
it's important to note that things that help make this successful is knowing the night before what clothing options i have as well as what lunch options i have. i also tend to shower at night. okay, i am cutting it really close with my time limit this morning. have a lovely day :)
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