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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1:365, or the 365 project

i have always been terrified to commit to anything as overwhelming as committing to blogging once a day. consistency of routine is not my strong suit. i would like to change that, though, and maybe, just maybe, if i have the accountability of the world knowing and expecting something, i will get better. maybe. here's my problem with blogging. i go two weeks without posting anything, then i have a day like yesterday and i blog for like 2 hours. i have got to find the middle ground. maybe this is it. maybe. there are a number of things i am trying to add to my daily routine, but as i wrote about with changing food/exercise, these changes have to be sustainable for longer than two weeks or even two months. i would write about some of those routines now...but i have to get to work and, besides, i need something to write about tomorrow, right?
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