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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

love through me

8. love through me 

copyright tyler and jenny somers 2009

there is plenty on this earth to suit our needs | but there will never ever be enough to satisfy our greed | weigh this heavy on me now until i can hardly breathe | love through me           

i've never gone a day without a meal because i couldn't afford it | stood on a corner and begged for pennies, holding out a sign | called me blessed, but it sure does feel pathetic, children round' the world are hungry now           

so would i give up pillows and cable, clothing and candy, if a boy could rest his tired bones? | would i lay down making all this money, just to have my milk and honey, if my fellow man could get the chance to watch his children grow?           

i feel in the right, self-justified giving coins away | but what about the time i consider mine not tomorrow but right now today? | clothe the naked; feed the hungry; welcome strangers | come on, get up and open your eyes           

if a girl could have some more to eat? | if my fellow man could get the chance to hear about the King?           

help us see, our eyes are weak, help us please.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


everything under the sun enslaves you. everything enslaves. everything. Jesus is the only One who is truly joyful, so He is the only One who can give you joy. He is the only One who is truly free, so He is the only One who can set you free. everything will enslave, EVEN your commitment to spiritual growth, even your commitment to serving other people, even your commitment to do things excellently. everything is an addiction. we don't focus on the one who can free us because we don't realize we're enslaved. Jesus alone is joy is free is peace is delightful is happy is...
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

your mercies are new every morning

i woke in the same way i fell asleep--troubled and overwhelmed. but You have indeed renewed Your mercies. andrew peterson put it this way:

Isn't it love:
This well that won't run dry?
And when I think about that prodigal son,
I've got to smile when I see the old man run.
And I know that You love us the same,
'Cause the sun came up today;
Just as if we deserved it --
Just as if any one of us fools was worth it;
Truth is that we'll never be perfect, but You love us just the same.

the psalmist david (ps 31) put it this way:

be merciful to me, o Lord, for i am in distress;
my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
my soul and my body with grief...
i have become like broken pottery...
but i trust in You, o Lord;
i say, "You are my God."
my times are in Your hands; deliver me...
love the Lord, all His saints!
the Lord preserves the faithful,
but the proud He pays back in full.
be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the Lord.

my times are in Your hands, Papa.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i had such an odd sense memory yesterday. i was walking across campus, thoroughly enjoying the sweet foretaste of fall weather, and listening to paramore. i felt almost physically transported back to fall of freshman year. i also felt emotionally as if i were there again. i began not only remembering but re-feeling emotions, good and bad, of that fall. if you know me well, you know that that fall was one full of extremes: joy and despair, best and worst. i'm not entirely certain how i feel about the experience. i have noticed, however, that i have grown increasingly nostalgic since the experience. not just nostalgic but also regretful. you know, winthrop, i don't think i'm quite ready to be done with you. (that statement BLOWS my mind.) and i'm not sure what to do with you. i am so ready to leave yet i am not. i am so ready to move on but i am not. yikes.
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that was a joke. i'm here to stay. i'm sorry for floundering about, ole blog. you haven't been rid of me yet.
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