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Sunday, June 24, 2012

home sweet home

day 12 of project 365
there are 3 things on my mind:
1) i am so incredibly glad to finally be home again. st-arts was great, but i'm very glad it's over.
2) according to a blog i read this week, 2-member families should only have to spend $150 a month on groceries. i do not know how on earth someone does this unless they are big into coupons or something. i know we could easily cut off some expenses, but i just don't know that $150 is going to cut it for every single meal for a month for two people. that's $2.50 each per day. i just don't know if i'm buying it. i'd like to try, though. here are some pins i found today that might help:
3) blueberry comes home tomorrow!
also, this is how samson decided to ride home from being away from us for 3 weeks.
i hope samelton and berrilton will become best friends.

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