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Saturday, June 16, 2012

new direction, or goals for moving

day 5 of project 365
i have failed to announce to blog readers a brand new direction the hubs and i are taking. in august, we will be moving to clemson, sc for the hubs to start an internship with a local church. he'll be working at the church for 40+ hours a week and also be taking online seminary courses. this internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of pastoral ministry and help refine his vision for the future. the internship is paid through support raising, meaning, you make the amount of money that you raise. i will still be teaching full-time at the same school next year, so although we would love to raise beyond the base needed for seminary tuition costs (about $5,000), we aren't pressured as of yet to raise all of our living expenses; however, we do have student loans and the desire for a second car so the hubs won't always be relying on the bus system to get where he needs to be. although we have loved greenville, we are excited to feel a strong direction forward after a couple of years of (frustrating, for me) waiting. if you have any questions or would like to help support us, feel free to send me an email!

so with this new move comes packing up our current apartment and moving somewhere new. the past 3 times i've moved, i've felt like i never actually finished unpacking and that i never got the apartment "finished." it's hard, though, when you've lived in a different room/apartment every year for the past 5 it will be six. because of this it is my plan to make this apartment different, to make every room in the apartment functional within the first couple of months of living there (rather than being frustrated for a year, then moving with high hopes and then getting frustrated again for another year). my obstacle, though, is that i only have a week and a half in the apartment before i go back to school full-time. so it is super important for me, being the planner that i am (see yesterday's post if you want to know more about that struggle), to go ahead and think about what i really want to be using the rooms in our new apartment for and seeing what crafts, "recycling" projects, and/or Goodwill trips i can go ahead and accomplish before moving. we are oh so excited about a blessing of absolutely free furniture. the in-laws' neighbors are moving and are giving to us for free all kinds of furniture: a new bed (which has a memory foam top! woo!), 3 dressers/chests of drawers, a corner desk, a cute lil 1 drawer stand, 2 night stands, and a floor lamp. that just saved us several hundreds of dollars that we were planning to spend this summer, and all of the furniture looks really good or has some great potential! see? the bedroom set has yet to be moved over to the in-laws' for storage, but once it's moved, i'll post more pics.
i'll be posting any projects that i'm able to accomplish over the summer.

does anyone have advice about painting furniture? i've never really done it before with more than just some random gold spray paint on an old dining room chair. comment with any advice! happy saturday :)

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