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Saturday, July 14, 2012

organization board tutorial

if you've been reading my blog this last month you know that i've been trying to get us more organized and into some better routines. in one of my pinterest sessions a couple of weeks ago, i came across an idea from a blog called Girl Loves Glam, and was thus inspired to create my own organization board that keeps track of menu planning, cleaning the house, to do lists, monthly calendars, etc.
organization board tutorial
materials needed:
 if you want chevron stripes: free chevron stencil from TaterTots and Jello here.
white spray paint (i used it for a primer so i wouldn't have to do as many coats with the stripes)
2'x2' piece of plywood (i got mine pre-cut from home depot for $5)
2 8"x10" frames from dollar store
2 5"x7" frames from dollar store
hot glue gun & glue sticks
acrylic paint in the colors you want for your board & paint brushes
big metal clips
1 jar or cup
printouts (i have posted mine below)
spray paint or prime your plywood.
 prepare whatever stencil you want to use.
 i would suggest using some sort of stencil adhesive spray. it's not perfect, but it helps keep your stencil from moving around.
 this was my first step with painting my chevron stripes. i used the stencil for the 1st two colors, but the second colors were like coloring between the lines in a coloring book.
 this is what my board looked like with all 4 colors.
if you'd like, paint your frames with the colors you are using on your board.
while paint dried between layers, i created these images using photobucket. if you click on the pictures they should pop up in their original size.
i made my cleaning schedule based on suggestions i found on pinterest and what i know is actually possible for my family right now. it's a blend between high goals and realism.
 i don't know about you, but i usually need huge spaces in my calendar, and if you know me personally, you know i have about 5 calendars/planners going at all times. i'm planning to use this calendar to coincide with big events i need to remember and reminders for my to-do list--for example, giving the dog heartworm meds.
 this is oh so necessary for me in meal planning. if you don't have it written down for quick checking, i will never remember to get the meat out to defrost the night before or to put some chicken in the crockpot before leaving for work that morning. it also helps me remember what leftovers are in the fridge/freezer.
 this little shopping list tablet can be made by pasting the image 4 times into microsoft word, printed and cut out. this list is for me to have a place to write additional things we wind up needing in between big grocery trips. i absolutely love my RealSimple grocery list pad that categorizes by grocery store sections, but i hate using a whole page for only two items.
and place for a to-do list. i always have to-do lists. they make me feel so much more aware 
of what needs to be done. sometimes they can stress me out if the list is too long, but generally i get very stressed out when i don't know for sure if there's anything i should be working on or doing, especially during the busy sections of my semesters.
these steps were day one for me. i was working in the late, late hours on this decided to leave the rest til morning.
put your printouts in the frames. and decide a layout on your board. it took me several tries to find the layout that i wanted, but i think i finally got it to what i am going to like.
once you like your layout, glue it all down! 
calendar section with the dry erase marker and a binder clip for any invitations/flyers/reminders for events.
menu plan with big clip for receipts, particularly to help keep track of grocery expenses and/or any coupons.

to-do list area with a clip to hold the shopping list pad, a cup for pens, and a big binder clip to hold things like reusable bags.
 and finally the love cleaning schedule that i can mark off every day/week/month, erase, and then start over! 
 you may notice something different in this picture--other than my silly husband photobombing as he was helping me get a better picture of the whole board. mason jars are not the biggest fans of hot glue, so i used a cute little cup that i found in the dollar section of target to replace it. it's very lightweight, and seems like it won't have any problems staying up there longterm.
p.s. i didn't bother finding a place to hang it because we're moving in two weeks!
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  1. Katie, this is brilliant! I just made a big calendar like the one you have on the organization board, but now I need to find a way to add those other lovely things!