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Friday, July 13, 2012

chicken coop earring holder tutorial

chicken coop earring holder tutorial
materials needed:
chicken wire, called "poultry netting" at home depot
wire cutters or scissors (wire cutters save your hand a lot of time and pain)
hot glue gun & glue sticks
picture hanging hook/bar
picture frame from dollar store

okay...the wire is kind of difficult to work with. and you have a lot left over, so have plans to use it in other ways or to make gifts! i started off by cutting a piece off that i could work with. don't try to meticulously measure the chicken wire while still on the big roll. it will be really difficult. the wire will try very hard to keep it's curve. once i got a smaller piece off, i worked the piece until it got as flat as possible and then put the frame on top of it to better measure the correct piece.
hot glue the piece of chicken wire into the edges of the frame
decide whether you want it to hang portrait or landscape then hot glue a picture hanging hook/bar where needed to hang the way you decided
then hang on the wall and enjoy new jewelry storage!
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