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Thursday, July 12, 2012


day 29 of project 365
  1. picking a play for the fall production--this HAS to happen. non-negotiable.
  2. mapping out a plan for my new drama 2 class next semester
  3. cleaning out/rearranging the fridge
  4. making a plan for packing our apartment
  5. work on getting back into a healthy routine of sleep/food/exercise, because, alas, my summer is past it's halfway point, and if i don't start now, good sleeping/eating/exercising habits are going to be hellish to form once the school year starts back.
those are the non-negotiables. now for the not-so-necessary:
  1. figure out how to make the gluten-free baked goods that also use the healthiest sweeteners possible
  2. make calculations based on the grocery shopping i've done and compare prices at difference to get a good gauge of what a reasonable and not-so-reasonable grocery bill is for us
  3. begin reading Food Matters by mark bittman
  4. sell some clothes at plato's closet or another consignment shop to get some extra cash for crafts
  5. complete these crafts: a magnetic make-up board, some sort of jewelry organizer, an organization board, and any other things i have time for...although i doubt i'll have any extra time.
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