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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

free printables for teacher notebook, or what i was working on instead of blogging yesterday

day 40 of project 365

teacher notebook time! last year convinced me that i really want to find a way to have all my most important things in one place, i.e. one notebook. the problem is that i don't want it to be too huge, so i'm going to have to develop a filing system to correspond so that i can regularly clear out the notebook as it gets to be too huge. so far these are the categories i have for the notebook, but even as i type this i realized i haven't thought about where to keep attendance information in this notebook:

  • Meeting Notes: to keep important information from faculty meetings and PLC meetings, that last year just got kind of lost among all the other things i was writing down on my pad of paper i always have with me
  • Standards and LRPs (Long Range Plans): Academic standards are necessary for long-term planning. this is also where i will keep my LRPs, which is my map for the entire course, including assignments, projects, concepts learned, etc.
  • Unit & Lesson Plans: unit plans break down the long range plan into specific units, which include the academic standards used, all the vocabulary used in the unit, the unit goals, assessments and a brief outline of each lesson. whereas the LRPs are semester-long and unit plans are one or more weeks, lesson plans and the daily breakdown of what will be accomplished that day in more detail. it will also include more specific notes about what a specific class was able to accomplish and how i might have needed to adjust based a specific class's ability and/or performance.
  • Calendars & To-Do Lists: if you couldn't tell from everything else i am including in this notebook or from my need in general for a notebook, i am a visual person and it helps to have things written down in multiple forms. calendars/planners have been my best friend through college and my first year of teaching. there will be a general calendar with important dates and events, but there will also be a course calendar for my classes which help me keep track of what we're doing when, if i need to have a certain assignment graded by a specific day, when i have to reserve the library, etc. there will also be a place for a to-do list, my other best friend.
  • Class Data: this will be where i keep pertinent information for each student, any accommodations i will need to make for a student, and attendance records.
  • Grades: not only will this be a place for grades but it will also be a place to keep better track of missing assignments, especially those that are missing due to absences. i really struggled this semester keeping track of who was missing what and whether they had a valid reason for missing it or not. 
  • Behavior & Parent Contact: this section is my least favorite. of all things i have to deal with as a teacher i hate dealing with behavior issues, especially when it requires calling home. i often feel like i'm tattling or am afraid the parents will just blame me. it's an area that i have seen huge growth in, and yet i still am REALLY bad at maybe that tells you how rough it was first semester. ha.
i'm putting my cover pages for the different sections below, but in case you want to change anything, i am also giving you the powerpoint. also a big thank you miss edens for this awesome inspiration! here you can see hers!

and here's the powerpoint!
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  1. I know what you mean about calling home! It still terrifies me to make that first phone call...