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Thursday, July 12, 2012

magnetic make-up board tutorial

i don't know how you store your make-up but up until now, mine has been in a fabric make-up bag. it's an adorable little bag, but in the mornings it was so frustrating trying to rifle through the bag to find the skinny little eyeliner brush or the small eye-shadow compact, especially because they always seemed to hide on the mornings i was running late. i've only used this board to get ready twice so far but i am already SO GLAD i made it! it makes getting my make-up done in the morning so much less frustrating because it's all right out there in front of me with no digging through a bag AND it's not cluttered and messy and just all over the counter--which used to be my solution when i was annoying with rifling through my bag. whenever i need to go out of town, i can just grab the essentials into my old make-up bag and go. so simple. also....i love having this fun leopard print in the morning! 

magnetic make-up board tutorial
materials needed:
1 piece sheet metal
1 piece fabric
hot glue gun & glue sticks
heavy duty strength magnets (from a hardware store)
1 or 2 small mason jars
picture hanging hooks
after laying out my fabric, i decided to change fabrics to this lovely leopard print instead of the orange in the materials picture.
lay out your fabric and place your piece of sheet metal on top of it
fold the fabric around the edges, hot gluing it as you go. make sure to pull your fabric tight. i folded it around the corners kind of like i was wrapping a present.
decide if you want your board to be vertical or horizontal and glue 2 picture hanging hooks onto the top 2 corners.
hot glue magnets to the make-up you want on your board. pictured above i have magnets on nail polish. it worked perfectly fine...but then i realized the mason jars needed more magnets, so i decided to store them in a jar instead.
hot glue multiple magnets onto your jars. note: it depends on the weight of your jars, the weight of the contents you plan to keep there, and the strength of your magnets how many magnets you need on there. i worked with trial and error. and hot glue aren't the very best of friends, so i may need to work on finding a different solution to attaching the jars if this doesn't work out. using a different kind of cup that weighs a lot less than a mason jar could also be a good idea...but i just can't say no to mason jars!
put your magnetic make-up board in place and attach your make-up!

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    1. it was so easy and is so fantastically convenient in the mornings!