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Friday, July 6, 2012

new camera

day 23 of project 365
i won this little guy in an ebay auction last night. i've really been wanting a good camera for a loooooong time. as i looked over some of my blog's posts yesterday, i was very annoyed with the current state of my pictures. i've had some decent point & shoots over the years, but they are currently all broken or missing, so i've been resorting to my cell phone, photo booth on the computer or my iPod. i'll give it to apple that their cameras in the iPod are actually pretty decent for what they are, but i'm ready to be able to do a lot more with a camera. if for nothing else i want to be able to take my own decent production and especially process shots for my portfolio. i have been so incredibly grateful for some very talented friends of mine who have given me some fantastic shots from my shows, but i am so excited to now be able to take god pictures through out the entire process. woooooot woot.
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