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Sunday, July 1, 2012

homemade berry fro-yo

after my disappointment with agave nectar, i needed something sweet that i wouldn't feel bad about. so i decided to go for one of the "sweet things" options i had found for this week.
homemade berry fro-yo

1 cup fat free all-natural yogurt
1-2 cups frozen berries
2-3 tbsp honey (depending on taste)
1 tsp vanilla
blend it all together adding more of any of the ingredients until you like the taste. 
i went ahead and enjoyed some after i made it. it is most like fro-yo right after you blend it. after you freeze it, you have to "shave" it with a spoon because it will become like a big block. after shaving it, stir it quite a few times and it will become creamy again. kind of like a blend of shaved ice and sorbet. yum.

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