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Monday, January 9, 2012

menu planning

so i'm working on this whole planning and prepping ahead of time so i will cook dinners and not resort to eating out during the week thing. on saturday i spent some time looking through my pinterest cooking board and some cookbooks and planned out the entire week. it took some time, but i'm thinking it'll tend to get easier and easier, especially as i find recipes that i like to repeat. on sunday while sunday night's dinner was cooking i prepped for the next two nights of dinner so that all i had to do tonight was actually cook it rather than spending 20 minutes or so prepping and then cooking. it was so nice after a long day of work to have an awesome dinner take a total of about 15 minutes. i have high hopes for this process to make dinner-making easier. i'm going to put my menu plan for this week below in this post and i will be posting really successful recipes throughout the week. any links within the menu are links to the original source of the recipe. enjoy!

Menu Plan for Jan. 8th-Jan. 14th
breakfast: coupons to BK
lunch: velo fellow after church
*bake blueberry breakfast cake tonight


breakfast: blueberry breakfast cake & yogurt
lunch: leftover soup, simple chicken wrap
dinner: lemon grilled chicken, couscous, spinach & feta salad

*put on dinner in slow cooker before leaving for work
breakfast: cereal & yogurt
lunch: spinach & feta salad, simple chicken wrap
*cook chicken for tomorrow while fixing rice

breakfast: blueberry cake
lunch: leftover cilantro lime chicken
(also...lunches are flexible. sometimes i eat leftovers, sometimes i make a sandwich. depends on the mood, but i am trying to pack my lunch before i go to bed each night)
dinner: chicken pot pie (thank you elee)

*put baked potatoes in crock pot
breakfast: cereal & yogurt
lunch: leftover chicken pot pie
dinner: beef stroganoff & baked potatoes

breakfast: starbucks gift card
lunch: teacher outing
dinner: in fort mill

in fort mill
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