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Sunday, January 29, 2012

last week's recipes

so i tried the whole week menu plan thing...and i failed...twice. but then last week it seemed to work out, so i have hope for this coming week as well :) there will be recipes for the ones that were made from scratch or at least scratch-ish.

meal #1: spinach and feta salad, brown rice, jerk pork.
salad: feta crumbles with mediterranean spices w/ baby spinach
entree: pre-made stir fry from publix and frozen brown rice from trader joe's

meal #4: beef stroganoff.
....i forgot to take a picture

meal #5: chicken parm casserole

meal #6: homemade chinese takeout.
frozen egg rolls from trader joe's, frozen brown rice from trader joe's, frozen stir fry veggies from trader joe's, frozen mandarin orange chicken from trader joe's

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