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Saturday, January 29, 2011

project #5: mason jar lamp

i was inspired by cupcakery in baxter, and then today i saw a blog with a how-to from kara paslay. i didn't really look at the how-to because i'm not good with directions sometimes, and because i was recycling an old lighting cord off a chandelier lamp i don't use anymore. she is making it from scratch, so to speak, here.

1) drill 4-5 holes into the lid. you need multiples so the lamp doesn't overheat. i did this outside. after i did it i looked at her pictures...and i felt dumb. 

2) if using a recycled lighting set, take it apart as much as possible. if you can't get it down to this point, you may not be able to use the cord. 

3)string the cord through the middle hole.

4) put it all back together with the mason jar disk on the other side of the lightbulb-holding contraption.

i just liked this random picture i took.

the next one i want to make is this one:
for the tutorial go here.

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