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Saturday, January 15, 2011

project #3: leftover rotisserie chicken spicy asian-inspired stirfry

what to do with the random amount of chicken left on a rotisserie chicken? stirfry of course.
i was going to make the sesame ginger chicken and then realized by dressing was WAY out of date. like over a year out of i decided to make something new with some stuff i had on hand.
now let me go ahead and point out that the stuff i used is not generally "on hand" unless you are consistently cooking asian-style food. i had the ingredients because of a lo mein-esque dish i made from a Rachel Ray mag. so you may not know about a couple of the ingredients, but they weren't that expensive and they're so nice to have in times like this when you want something different.
i made this just for me, and there's a small portion serving left.

all of these measurements are complete guesses and should vary according to personal taste.
1 cup cooked chicken, i used can, of course, use raw meat as well and just cook it longer
1-2 cups frozen stirfry veggies, i get the cheapest there are and they are yum when cooked this way
1 tbsp sambal oelek, you should be able to find this in the international foods section
1-2 tbsp sesame seed oil, using this versus vegetable or olive makes ALL the difference
2-3 splashes of soy sauce, yes, so precise; i put some in while cooking and then added while eating
brown rice, i.e. that's what i like with it, just be reminded that brown takes a lot longer to cook than white unless you're using the 5 minute kind (which is pretty good, but not as good)

a note about sambal oelek:
this is chili paste. no other spices or anything are added. using it adds heat to the dish without altering flavors. i really like it, but if you're not one for adding heat to your mouth beyond fresh hot food, then just leave it out.

it's so complicated...ha.
1. i started cooking the brown rice about 10-15 minutes before i started the stirfry.
2. put all other ingredients into a sauté pan on medium-high heat. stir around to get the oil, etc evenly distributed.
3. cover and cook until the veggies are completely done--this took about 10 minutes i suppose. stir often so it doesn't stick to the pan.
4. serve over brown rice. and NOM NOM NOM

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