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Saturday, March 3, 2012

this week's resolutions

i have a few resolutions for this week. and only this week. i can't commit to anything longer than this week--that's the current state of my mind/heart/life. when i think about all the changes i want to see in my everyday life, habits i want to break, new habits i want to begin...i get really overwhelmed. so, one week at a time. here are the resolutions for this week:

  1. wake up 15 minutes earlier everyday than i have been. i've been hardcore pushing it lately. i've been giving myself juuuuust enough to get dressed and to get to work on time. 15 minutes seems like a doable amount of time to start chopping off this week. 
  2. drink a glass of lemon water before i drink my mug of coffee. i have a deep-seated affection for lemons in general, and this blog post i found further reinforces my love and desire to make my love of them a daily habit.
  3. make a breakfast and eat at home/in the car everyday this week. when i pack it to eat at school, it's hit and miss whether or not it actually ever gets eaten. something i've really been wanting to try is making high-protein smoothies. i found some delightful-looking recipes on pinterest. anything worth giving a second try i will blog about.
  4. be prepared for the school day before the actual school day begins. last week i had an awfully stressful day because not only was my lunch block taken by duty but my planning period was unexpectedly taken up, too. it was so stressful because i barely, just barely, worked it out. not only are my nerves struggling to keep up, i'm way behind in preparing for the after-school play. 
  5. go to the gym at least one day this week. it hasn't been happening at all as of late, so maybe one day a week can eventually turn into, well, more than that.

so 5 goals. i'm hoping i can handle that. i'll let you know how it goes. 
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