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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

reasons why i got into this mess

i randomly read an article today that reminds me why i signed up for this whole theatre teacher gig.
reading this article has inspired a new simple and probably sporadic blog series, where i am going to try to reexamine why i'm doing what i'm doing--my super-objective, if you will, as i would define it in my current drama 1 unit.

as some of you know from reading my past blog posts, i have really struggled with my job this year. for those of you who know me personally, you know that the struggle with my career choice started in college. but, by the grace of God, i have time and time again had it revealed to me that i am in a good, good place. so on with the series....

Reason #1 Why I Got Into This Mess Called Teaching Theatre
increasing empathy & collaboration in young people. something i have been overwhelmed with while teaching is how incredibly egocentric most people in this up and coming generation are. (i also recognize that this is probably true of a lot of people in my age group as well.) they do not want to work or collaborate with other people who are not exactly like them. even with students that are their friends they cannot work together and compromise on ideas and suggestions. further, it is like pulling teeth to get them to think through other people's world-views and convince them that the way they view the world is not the only way to view it. somedays i'm burned out, and i don't push and challenge my students to critical and empathetic thinking like i should. somedays i get them to pick their own partners even though i know it would be good to make them work with someone who is different than them. my laziness and/or exhaustion put aside, this field is the perfect avenue for forcing kids to think differently, to develop empathy and to work collaboratively, which is one of the main reasons i got into this mess called teaching theatre.
link to the article:
"how theatre for young people could save the world" by lauren gunderson
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