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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

love through me

8. love through me 

copyright tyler and jenny somers 2009

there is plenty on this earth to suit our needs | but there will never ever be enough to satisfy our greed | weigh this heavy on me now until i can hardly breathe | love through me           

i've never gone a day without a meal because i couldn't afford it | stood on a corner and begged for pennies, holding out a sign | called me blessed, but it sure does feel pathetic, children round' the world are hungry now           

so would i give up pillows and cable, clothing and candy, if a boy could rest his tired bones? | would i lay down making all this money, just to have my milk and honey, if my fellow man could get the chance to watch his children grow?           

i feel in the right, self-justified giving coins away | but what about the time i consider mine not tomorrow but right now today? | clothe the naked; feed the hungry; welcome strangers | come on, get up and open your eyes           

if a girl could have some more to eat? | if my fellow man could get the chance to hear about the King?           

help us see, our eyes are weak, help us please.
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