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Friday, August 8, 2014


As I alluded in a previous post, I spent my weekend with my BFF in Chicago. Confession: I did not stick to my routine, and, yes, after 5 mornings off of the routine, it has been very difficult to get back on the wagon. Two responses: I was on vacay. I'm the only saying this routine is what I have to do. I will say, though, that I did find some decent yoga videos on Hulu to use on mornings where I need a quick exercise without going to the gym. So, we're calling my stay in Chicago and the resulting difficult mornings afterward the interim.

This idea of "interim" has been on the forefront of my mind because I've realized that this is the way I've been viewing this stage in my life. It's an "in-between," a transition between college and where I actually "want to be." While in Chicago, though, I was encouraged by a local pastor who shared these words, 

"be fully present
deepen your roots
no matter the timeline"

It doesn't mean to not plan ahead or to "settle," especially if you know you are called to prepare for something beyond what you already have, i.e. grad school, buying a house, having a family, etc. What it does mean, though, is to be living fully in every moment, considering what you can do for the neighbors around you now and how you can cultivate community and culture in the city you currently live in. It's scary to consider trying to plant roots even if you know you might be transplanted--being vulnerable and building relationships when you know you might leave is really hard and sometimes counter-intuitive--but your presence won't mean much if you stay packed up in your own little world, meticulously planning what your life will be like rather than fully living in your life now. Be a gift to those who are in your life now. This is real life. This right here. Be fully present. Deepen your roots. No matter the timeline. 

Now, here are some fun photos from the Lincoln Park Zoo & Molly's Cupcakes:

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