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Sunday, December 29, 2013

anew, or a year+ in photos

I've done this before. Starting anew on a blog that has remained dormant for months...or more. I'm not making promises. I am going to try, though. Here are some pictures of what has happened in life since I last blogged. Not all-inclusive, but still a fun start. Just pretend that each of these pictures is a blog post that I missed. It should also be stated that since I am on the ipad the only photos I had full access to were Instagram. I want everyone to be fully aware that more things with more people did happen in my life. As you can tell by the gap in my blogging history, I'm not always good at documenting said happenings.


sometimes the kids make your day a little better

learned how to do some scenic painting

samson got really upset when there was bird outside the window that he couldn't get to

Callie came to visit, so of course we ate at Taco Stand

we dressed up with our small group to get a $1 boorito

nuff said

found a super fun app to make our pictures a lot more exciting

fall production

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Chrimah time


hubs sent me flowers to school because this was the worst year ever

we still have no idea what he was scowling at

Saturday morning date

can't only show the cute things Samson does...have to some real life on here too

took kids to festival for the first time

sometimes this is what it looks like 12 minutes before curtain

kids are still awesome

2 years later I actually did something with my bouquet

had an awesome porch at our new apt

I don't know why this is the first picture from Chicago that I have

downtown Chicago...filming spot for Dark Knight Rises

went to see the show Callie AD'ed


the bean

we "made" a friend at the Lincoln Park Zoo

This place won on cake wars something. So good.

Obligatory couple shot

Obligatory BFF shot on anchor of navy pier

The day Bruce and I explored by ourselves

we "made" another friend at the natural history museum and then got some legit Chicago pizza

Next stop: STL

Route 66 stop

some of the cutest people ever

did some exploring

such a cute fam

memorizing lines for the first show I was in since college

back to STL for bro's graduation

went to the Arch
got a cutie cute pic

spring production

biggest relief ever

back to rock thrill for STARTS

got all kinds of crafty this year

dorm life was the best

again, the best

first show in NY

was amazing

and I met Alan first day in NYC ever

The hubs joined me there and of course we saw this show

1st broadway musical. It was awesome.

moved to a new house

obligatory cuddle shot so you know we still love our pets

have a laundry room's Samson's favorite place

Erin and Tom moved to Greenville so now Erin and I have all sorts of theatre teacher adventures together

our marching band is on the rise thanks to a new addition to our faculty

my students are ridiculous

fall production of Antigone...first take to competition

pre-taste of holiday goodness

best apple to apples hand ever

this should have been our Christmas card photo...oh wait, we didn't even have time to put up the tree let alone make a Christmas card

Samson is still the cutest cat ever


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