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Saturday, November 20, 2010

project #2: lunch tote

i made this lunch tote in about two hours from ikea fabric. i got the pattern from the most recent stitch by quilting arts magazine (which is fantastic! it was only like 6 bucks and it has over 10 patterns and over 40 projects!). for an idea of what this mag is like go to their website. it takes only a yard of fabric (1/2 of main, 1/2 of contour). it's basically a rectangle sewn into the shape of a tube with a circle attached at the bottom to make a cylinder (without a top). you make two of these so that you have a lining and an outer shell. you sew the two cylinders together, and if you do it right, you can have it reversible. in the original pattern there is a pocket, i decided not to add it to this one. here are a couple of pictures. it was really pretty simple, but there were a couple of techniques that might be more complex to those who have never tried the techniques before (e.g. sewing the circle to the cylinder, drawstring, etc.) i promise to take more process pictures during the next project :)

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