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Sunday, April 8, 2012

year-round wreath

i wasn't able to get much craftiness done over break, but i did manage to accomplish this: taking down the Christmas wreath ( was still up) and creating this one for our home! i made it to be my year-round wreath since we clearly struggle with changing out decorations.
i bought everything i needed at hobby lobby (thank you, gift card!) the vine wreath base was $4.99. the "h" was $2.50 (but then 50% off). the flowers were $7.99 (but then they were 50% off). the paper colored flower was $2 on clearance. the feathers were $1.99 (2 bunches 50% off). so the total wound up being about $12! the materials were also so easy to work with! the flowers and feathers i just stuck into the wreath. the "h" was the most difficult part only because i had to paint it and then figure out how to hot glue it on a non-flat surface. super easy. super cute. super worth it. 

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