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Sunday, December 4, 2011

this week's post

remember when i had 4 or 5 recipes i wanted to try in one week? well that didn't happen. i think i accomplished two of them. and there probably aren't going to be terribly many more this week because:

a. my first plays at berea high perform on friday
b. i'm starting a new unit in all my classes
c. i'm auditioning for a play and hope to have callbacks as well
d. my cat decided to fully reach puberty this week so we're having to...take care of some things...
e. there are only two weeks left til christmas break so my students are going insane
f. i may have agreed to have my classes perform a scene at the winter band/chorus concert sometime next week (and no, i have no idea what they will perform)
g. i had to get up in the middle of the "f" bullet point because i could not stop sneezing
h. i know there are things i am forgetting

i am writing this because i had committed to myself that i would blog at least once a week because i felt like it gave me a creative outlet, which was keeping me sane. so here is my blog post for this week. enjoy :)

p.s. are you as excited as i am that christmas music is playing? now i need to get back to my lesson planning with my brownie and english breakfast tea. yum :)
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