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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i am in stage 2

today i had the realization that i am going through something akin to culture shock with my first year of refresh you on the stages:

Stage 1 - Excitement
The individual experiences a holiday or 'honeymoon' period with their new surroundings.
. Feel very positive about the culture
. Are overwhelmed with impressions
. Find the new culture exotic and are fascinated
. Are passive, meaning they have little experience of the culture

Stage 2 - Withdrawal
The individual now has some more face to face experience of the culture and starts to find things different, strange and frustrating.
. Find the behaviour of the people unusual and unpredictable
. Begin to dislike the culture and react negatively to the behaviour
. Feel anxious
. Start to withdraw
. Begin to criticize, mock or show animosity to the people

Stage 3 - Adjustment
The individual now has a routine, feels more settled and is more confident in dealing with the new culture.
. Understand and accept the behaviour of the people
. Feel less isolated
. Regains their sense of humour

Stage 4 - Enthusiasm
The individual now feels 'at home'.
. Enjoy being in the culture
. Functions well in the culture
. Prefer certain cultural traits of the new culture rather than their own
. Adopt certain behaviours from the new culture

i have been flip-flopping between withdrawal and adjustment, as i feel is sort of normal with culture shock, anyways. it's not always a perfectly smooth or linear transition. currently? i am in stage 2.
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