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Monday, February 7, 2011

sometimes you just need to remember...

in good teacher candidate fashion, i just googled my name to see what would pop up if ever a potential employer chose to do this. (by the way, it almost bothers me that "googled" is officially considered a word and therefore doesn't have that little red squiggle line under it, but that's an entirely different topic.) the first thing that came up was simply my blogger account profile. might change that picture to look more "mature." anywho, three or four down the list (which, by the way, is all actually things to do with me and not other people with my name, apparently no one else has my name) was the link to the blog i wrote while  i was in dublin for two months, the summer of 2008. if you follow my current blog you will have noticed that dublin has been on my mind and that i really wish i could visit this spring. oh well. but what really struck me was the succinct way in which i was presented with the Gospel through my experience there and how well i was able to express that in a few bullet points. and sometimes you just need to remember because sometimes these things just happen...
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