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Friday, October 9, 2009

a prayer for the brokenhearted

A Prayer For The Broken Hearted

1. No day in my life has past, 
That hasn't proved me guilty 
Prayers are uttered too fast 
From a heart that's cold and empty.

Chorus: Oh Blessed Jesus, 
May we find a covert in thy wounds
Though our sins, they rise to meet us,
How they fall next to the merits of you

2. Oh, all in me calls for this 
It calls for my rejection 
This heavy unrighteousness, 
Oh is there no protection?

Bridge: My best services are rags, my best deeds are filthy.

Repeat Chorus

3. Grant me hear thy shoring voice, 
That in thy wounds is pardon 
Grant me see thy willing choice 
To make my hard heart softened 

Bridge 2: Keep the broken-hearted sure, 
Clinging to thy cross, our cure.

Repeat Chorus Twice

© 2006 Petit Bateau Music (ASCAP).



Chelsey Scott
Based on a prayer from "The Valley of Vision"

Chelsey Scott
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