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Thursday, June 18, 2009

new friends and old ones

Hiking the AT for a few days with some new friends was quite an adventure. The first stretch I thought I was going to die. (I felt much better when it seemed everyone else felt the same way.) We didn't make it to camp the first night, but we actual found a perfect spot along the trail. The second day we had to go back to the car and go back into town because the gas didn't work. So 3 of us went back to civilization while 3 went on. We brought them pizza :) The second night POURED. Luckily we had made it to the super nice shelter. Bruce and I are so stiff. Haha. We only went about 10 miles. I can't imagine 220. Paul's words about enduring and running the race kept ringing through my ears. 

Now I am sitting in the kitchen of Kathy Fidati. Yesterday I spent some time with Jacqueline--love her! :) And now Bruce is hearing all the stories and discussions of Dublin that we so long to have but people just don't really understand but us. It's so nice to talk to people who really know what you're talking about. Dublin is still very present in my thoughts these days. Hmm...
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